Affordable homes in London

Lately I’ve been wondering if the house price increase in London over the last few years will every slow down. Some of the latest news coming out of is giving me some encouragement.

House prices in London are crazy. Yes they are. And it’s pointless thinking that you’re onto a good thing if you happen to be a London homeowner. Why is it pointless?

It’s pointless because the view is so short sighted. If you have kids and they want to stay in London how on earth are they going to afford it? You already work very hard just to keep a roof over everyone’s head and you probably bought your house when London prices were much lower. Your kids don’t stand a chance.

So, perhaps you’ll make about £250k when you come to sell your house, so what? how has that benefited anything or anyone in the long term?

Let’s face facts. House prices in London are far to high. Soon only millionaires (of which you are not one) will only be able to live there. Is this what you want?