Mortgages from Tottenham to Kingston

I’m currently living in Tottenham and have recently been offered a job in the south of London in Kingston. Rather than continuing having to commute each day I am looking to move and buy a house in the Kingston area.

moving in London

My house in Tottenham is a two bedroom terrace just off the Tottenham High Road. It’s valued at £350,000. A bit of house shopping in Kingston shows me that the equivalent house will cost in the region of £500,000. As I saved a fair bit of money over the last few years I got a deposit of £85,000 which I can possibly stretch to £100,000 if necessary.

I’d rather stay away from the banks and building societies as the mortgage products they offer are so limited and would also tie me in. Ideally I’m looking for a quote from a London mortgage broker – preferably in either Kingston or Tottenham who can find me a good mortgage deal so that I can move more easily.

I haven’t yet seen a house that I’d ideally like but once I start looking it shouldn’t take too long. Therefore I plan to have found my new house by the end of this year and would like to move early in the next year.

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