Tottenham house prices

As well as the well known football team, Tottenham provides a fair bit of variety when in comes to properties to live in.

Tottenham High Street
Tottenham High Street

With plenty to do in the local area, such as a visit to Bruce Castle, house prices range from about £350,000 upwards to £1M. Now, Tottenham is inner city London, not the posh parts of the city where the millionaires live but where ‘ordinary’ people habituate. I had a look at the available properties to buy at

As everyone in the UK knows, ‘London prices’ means that everything is at least twice as expensive as anywhere else in the country. This is definitely true of house prices. What would cost £200,000 in any other UK city will cost you close on to £500,000 in London and when so much money is involved it makes a lot of sense to use a good mortgage broker. Why? because with large sums of money like these, even .1% on a mortgage rate will mean a difference of thousands of pounds over the long run.


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